Kelly Monaco has a sex tape

Kelly Monaco has a sex tape

The good news is that Kelly Monaco has a sex tape. The less good news is that it was taped 20+ years ago. The bad news is that we’ll probably never get to see it because her old boyfriend is some kind of “gentleman” or something. What a queer! From Star:

Two years before she paved the way for her showbiz career by taking it all off for Playboy magazine, Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars beauty Kelly Monaco had a far more steamy exposure – as the teenage star of a homemade sex video with her longtime boyfriend!

“Kelly was 19 years old, outgoing and fearless by nature, and was very comfortable with our making love in from of the camera,” her former boyfriend, Mike Gonzalez, tells Star in an exclusive interview. “Making the video was a mutual decision, and we filmed it at my house. She’s never mentioned it, and I still have it … If I was a bad person, it would have already been released in the last couple of years, and I would have made a mint. But I’d never do that to her.” (Print Edition 11/12)

“…it would have already been released in the last couple of years…but I’d never do that to her.” Translation: Mike Gonzalez is releasing a Kelly Monaco sex tape in the near future. What a dope this guy is. He should have released the tape when Kelly won Dancing with the Stars during the Clinton administration. In 2012, this is just another ex-Baywatch babe porno — and those are a dime-a-dozen, literally (I really did pay a dime for a dozen Baywatch tapes at a flea market last week). My favorite is still Pam Anderson getting impaled on a boat by that tattooed guy. My least favorite is probably the one with David Hasselhoff and the cheeseburger.

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November 29, 2012 - 9:15 am