Russell Crowe could totally nail this chick if he wanted to

Teresa Palmer in Hawaii (7/15)

Note to Russell Crowe: You could totally bang Teresa Palmer if you wanted to. Sweet. From Star:

Fresh off his split from wife Danielle Spencer, Russell Crowe is being chased by fellow Aussie Teresa Palmer, who herself was jilted by hunky beau Scott Speedman. Says an insider: “Teresa is looking for a really big fish to date since boyfriend Scott dumber her. To be blunt, she’s looking to snag an older, super rich guy and isn’t afraid to be a home wrecker.”

“She’ll only be satisfied hen she’s a part of the super elite,” whispers the mole. “She’s sure Russell will want to do that for her. She even jokes that she’ll be the perfect replacement because she looks so much like Danielle.” (Print Edition – 11/12)

And there you have it. The first graduate from the Kim Kardashian Shameless Celebrity Seeker Attention Whore School and Free Clinic is this Aussie chick who wants fat, over the hill, former actor Russell Crowe to goo all over her lower back. Teresa will probably get a reality show out of this, and to that I say mazel tov, but if Russell intends on getting back to being near the top of the Hollywood food chain, then staying away from pigs like this is the only way to go. Remember, Russell played Maximus in Gladiator, which makes him a badass who still deserves respect.


November 20, 2012 - 2:45 pm