Christian Slater to paparazzi: ‘Hey, over here’

Christian Slater leaving the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood (12/8)

Christian Slater is less famous than the Kardashians. Kill self? Yes, Christian. Yes. From the New York Post:

Christian Slater might be a screen icon, but he is surprised by the attention reality stars get in Miami. At an Art Basel screening of Adrian Grenier’s documentary “Teenage Paparazzo,” Grenier, Slater and World Red Eye photographer Seth Browarnik participated in a panel discussion about how social media and paparazzi affect celebrity. Slater related that he was recently picking up Advil from a drugstore when he saw a group of men with cameras approaching. He said, “I thought they followed me because I tweeted about the elections and was receiving a ton of criticism, but then I looked and realized that the Kardashians had just pulled up next to me — they weren’t interested in me at all.”

Christian’s had a hell of a career. I know he thinks he’s still a big deal, but more people haven’t seen 1993’s True Romance than have seen it. What everyone in the western world has seen is that interracial porn that Kim Kardashian starred in with Brandi’s little brother (not the original — the second one that Kim’s mother reshot). Sorry Chris, but until you’re willing to get urinated on by a low-level R&B singer, you’ll just have to accept being the guy who sort of acts like Jack Nicholson in every movie.


December 17, 2012 - 6:30 am