Miley has a girl crush

Miley Cyrus was a girl crush on Jessie Andrews

If this was anyone else but Miley Cyrus, this story would be so…freaking…hot. Victoria Justice anyone? Or maybe Nina Dobrev? From the National Enquirer:

Miley Cyrus is in hot water with fiancee Liam Hemsworth because she’s got a crush on a sexy FEMALE porn star! The former “Hannah Montana” cutie recently hired 20-year-old adult film actress Jessie Andrews to appear in a music video for her new song “Decisions,” which she recorded with Jessie’s ex, Israeli DJ Borgore. But sources say the on-set friendship quickly turned to a steamy girl crush that has Liam raging with jealousy!

“Miley has had a ‘thing’ for Jessie for a long time from watching her porn movies, so she was adamant about finding a way to work with her,” a source close to Cyrus told The Enquirer. “From the moment Jessie showed up on the set, the sexual chemistry between them was red-hot. But Miley didn’t want the flirty friendship with Jessie to end when the video wrapped — she continued to pursue Jessie with calls and texts.”

“A lot of guys wouldn’t mind at all if their fiance had a girl crush, but Liam knows all too well that Miley can be completely uninhibited,” the source added. “He doesn’t want to risk anyone – male or female – wrecking their relationship.” (Print Edition – 11/19)

This is a lecture I gave my penis recently: “Come on, dude. Why are you selling me out to Miley Cyrus? Don’t I give you enough attention? I’ve put you in great situations to build up your contact list, but you’re still at full mast for Hannah Montana? Yeah, I understand that she makes a hot dyke, but this behavior isn’t acceptable. Now that she has such a wholesome-looking girlfriend, I’ll need you to show some discipline and quite honestly, some loyalty to me. We’ve both enjoyed Jessie Andrews videos in the past, but when we’re working, we’re working, agreed? Attaboy. Don’t worry, I’ll make it worth your while. Disney and Nickelodeon have a fresh lineup of new shows for us to enjoy furiously.”

December 3, 2012 - 8:00 am