Kristen wants Rob to knock her up

Kristen Stewart leaving her hotel in New York (11/8)

Kristen Stewart desperately wants boyfriend Robert Pattinson to knock her up . . . or, you know, maybe some other random guy she hooks up with. What does “boyfriend” really mean, anyways? Seems kinda restrictive. From Life & Style:

“I can’t wait to be a mom,” Kristen, 22, gushed to Life & Style on Nov. 1 while promoting Breaking Dawn–Part 2 in LA. Even the typically tight-lipped Rob, 26, added that the infant who first played their on-screen daughter, Renesmee, was one of his favorite co-stars, and that “working with a baby is great.”

What’s more, the twosome’s baby talk is far from idle chatter, confirms a pal of Rob’s. “Now that Kristen is back together with Rob, she’s obsessed with keeping him, and she knows he wants to be a young dad,” says the insider. “So she’s telling him, ‘Let’s do this; let’s make a baby!’ Before the cheating, he as the one pushing for marriage and children. Now it’s her.” (Print Edition – 11/19)

Am I out of the loop on this Robert Pattinson character? Why is Kristen so intent on keeping him? All of his movies are epic failures unless he’s playing a pussyboy vampire, so I just don’t understand why Kristen is working so hard to keep him hooked. It’s not as if he’s taking care of business in the bedroom — Kristen was taking the pipe from whatshisname for weeks before she got busted, so what’s with the baby talk all of the sudden? In Hollywood, adopted babies are props and bio-babies are burdens, so I need for someone to explain Kristen’s rush to end her career. Oh, wait, now I see. Kristen is probably tired of having Macauley Culkin’s body, but doesn’t have the guts to go under the knife for a decent set of titties. No pain, no gain.


December 5, 2012 - 8:00 am