Jesse James is a dick

Sandra Bullock on the set of The Heat in Boston (8/31)

For some reason, Sandra Bullock is angry that ex-husband Jesse James is using her to promote his new reality show. Oh c’mon, he only cheated on you with 10 women. Some chicks simply won’t forgive and forget. From Life & Style:

Painful memories are being stirred up again as promos for Jesse’s new reality show, Outlaw Garage, which feature images of [ex-stepdaughter] Sunny and footage of Jesse talking about the scandal, are splashed across TV screen nationwide. “Jesse has taken her private life and paraded it around in public,” an insider tells Life &Style. He keeps pulling out her name to keep his own current – it’s just pathetic.”

No Doubt the most agonizing clips for Sandra to watch are the ones featuring Sunny, 8, jumping on a trampoline with her father. “Sandra and Sunny were extremely close, and it was very hard for Sandra to stop seeing her,” says a friend of the actress’. “Initially she was still seeing Sunny and talking to her on the phone, but Sandra realized she needed a clean break from Jesse, and she couldn’t do that if she kept a relationship with his daughter.” (Print Edition – 11/19)

Jesse James is a dick — there’s no argument there. But why is Sandra getting a pass? Jesse is a confirmed douchenozzle. He’s a low-level, Discovery Channel reality star with an unhealthy obsession for pre-1946 Germany. Again, a REALITY STAR. Why would Sandra think that this poser would give her a pass regarding their life together? That’s what those people do — it’s just that Jesse and his giant vanilla hose caught him an Oscar winner. See what happens, ladies? Since you gals can’t stop thinking about the meat stick, assholes like Jesse James get to inject themselves into your tacos and leave godawful messes . . . much like the Taco Supreme I had for breakfast this morning. Now if you don’t mind, I have shorts to change and a toilet to unclog.


December 3, 2012 - 2:15 pm