Taylor Swift is dropping $80k on Harry Styles

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles leaving the Crosby Hotel in New York (12/6)

Taylor Swift wants to spent $80k on new boyfriend Harry Styles for his birthday. Because the more you spend on someone, the less likely they are to talk about your secret cock. From the Daily Star:

[Taylor Swift] is splashing the cash for the One Direction hunk’s [birthday]. We hear Taylor, 23, is on the hunt for some mega-expensive Beatles  merchandise to treat hunky Hazza – who she has been dating since last month.

Our spies told us: “Harry spent [$1500] on Taylor for her recent birthday, and now she wants to repay the favour – and then some. She’s been phoning Beatles stores in Liverpool hoping to find pieces of rare autographed memorabilia she knows Harry will love. A staff member at one store let slip she wanted to spend somewhere between [$65k and $80k].”

Wow, that’s really nice of Taylor to give JC Chasez v 2.0 such a nice birthday present. Considering that they’re in year one of the one-year boy band lifespan, that’s gonna be one hell of a retirement package (assuming Harry doesn’t trade this memorabilia for handfuls of nose candy). Now before the One Direction lawyers start sharpening their knives, let me say that I am NOT accusing him of abusing drugs, but let’s be honest, Justin Timberlake aside, there isn’t an ex-boy bander alive who hasn’t sucked a dude’s dick for coke at some point in their life.


December 20, 2012 - 6:30 am