Barbara Palvin says Justin Bieber never tapped that

Barbara Palvin says Justin Bieber never tapped that

Lingerie model Barbara Palvin tells Celebuzz that, despite the rumors and the pictures of them together at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last year, she never hooked up with Justin Bieber. Or maybe she did and forgot because his penis is that tiny…

“I wanted to meet him real bad. I watched his movie [Justin Bieber: Never Say Never] and I was like, ‘He’s such a cool kid, I want to meet him.’ And then when I did at the [Victoria’s Secret] show we met and of course we had a conversation and then I took the picture with him … It was so funny when I read we were hanging out in Miami and I was also wearing his t-shirt. Dude, that’s my t-shirt!

“They [the media] gave me a real hard time with this with my boyfriend. They also put him in the press and he’s not a celebrity or anything. Him being back home [in Hungary] with a normal life and everybody is like, ‘You’re girlfriend is dating Justin.’ It’s very hard for him. It made me pissed, but there’s always a dark side of this business.”

Of course he didn’t hook up with Barbara. Could you imagine putting Justin Bieber in a room with a naked Barbara Palvin? That’d be like putting him in the cockpit of the Space Shuttle and telling him to fly to Mars. There’s gonna be confused looks, stuttering, stammering, and eventually, uncontrollable weeping.

January 15, 2013 - 5:00 pm