Erin Heatherton is taken now

Erin Heatherton at work

Congratulations, Jordan Cameron. You’re the big winner of the “Get into Erin Heatherton’s Pants Sweepstakes.” From the New York Post:

Erin Heatherton has moved on from Leonardo DiCaprio with a former USC football player. We reported that the model was spotted with a tall dark- haired guy at Lure Fishbar last week. Page Six can reveal that the Victoria’s Secret model is dating Jordan Cameron, a former college basketball and football player who is now a tight end for the Cleveland Browns. Sources told us Heatherton and Cameron were set up through a friend right after the VS fashion show in November.

Whatever, dude. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this particular story came from the offices at Camp Heatherton. Look, I’m sure Jordan Cameron is a very nice guy, but let’s not get things more twisted than they already are. I’m sure that next week I’ll get a press release about how “in love” Erin and Jordan are, but these things have become formulaic now. All it’ll take to knock over Erin’s house of cards is one drunken 2 AM phone call from Leo the Injector. Before he gets out the obligatory “I really miss you,” Erin will be picking Leo’s pubes out of her teeth and giving Jordan the ol’ “It’s just not working out between us — let’s just be friends” text message.

January 9, 2013 - 8:00 am