Jamie Lynn might be getting hitched

Jamie Lynn Spears might be getting married

Remember Jamie Lynn Spears? She was Britney’s [hotter] younger sister who whored her career away when she got pregnant at 16 and didn’t “take care of it” like all the other Nickelodeon stars do. Turns out she’s still alive and may be getting married. From the New York Post:

While Britney Spears’ engagement to Jason Trawick imploded, her younger sister Jamie Lynn could soon be headed down the aisle. Jamie Lynn’s businessman boyfriend, Jamie Watson, tells Page Six that his three-year relationship with the young mom “is going really great” — and they’re even talking about marriage.

Jamie Lynn, 21, splits her time between her sister Britney’s Kentwood, La., mansion and Nashville, where she has been trying to launch a country-music career for years. “I asked her the other night what the hell is taking so long,” Watson, 30, reveals. “But she’s really particular about her stuff. She’s trying to do it right because she knows people will be watching.”

Thank goodness there will be a hillbilly wedding this year after all. After Britney broke off her engagement to K-Fed 2.0, I thought I wasted $10 on a brand new set of used overalls and straw hat — or as they’re called by the Spears’ clan: weddin’ garments. This wedding talk doesn’t really come as a surprise. Somehow I doubt Jamie Lynn was gonna wait for her country music career to take off before getting married — it’s more likely that she wanted her kid to be old enough to drive her home from the reception at Cheeseburger in Paradise.

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January 18, 2013 - 12:30 pm