Jennifer Lawrence has pneumonia

Jennifer Lawrence has pneumonia

Jennifer Lawrence still managed to make it to the SAG Awards last night, despite battling a case of pneumonia. Wait, pneumonia’s not like AIDS where you can catch it from a simple handshake, is it? Because maybe she should stay home, like she did Saturday night for the Australian Academy of Cinema Awards. From the New York Daily News:

Lawrence received the best actress award, but co-star and Australian native Jacki Weaver appeared for her.

“I am going to accept this award on behalf of Jennifer,” Weaver, a Oscar nominee in the supporting actress category, said. “She really wishes she could be here, but she is very ill.”

One guest at the event said, “Everyone was shell-shocked at what Jacki said. With these ceremonies, when people claim to be ill sometimes there is doubt about how unwell someone really is.”

Pneumonia? Is Jennifer morphing into my nana before our eyes or is “pneumonia” the new euphemism for someone in rehab for “exhaustion”? Sounds familiar to me. I’m not implying any ginger shenanigans here, but if Jen starts accepting lesbo DJ fingers into her panties and/or goes on a decade-long crime spree, I’ll have to reschedule my vacation this summer and hire another writer . . . and of course Lindsay will have to step up her game a notch. It would crush her self-confidence if she was no longer the best at being a total fuck-up.


January 28, 2013 - 10:30 am