Kim and Kanye want a ‘commitment ceremony’

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West shopping in Paris (1/11)

I think every expectant mother [appearing on Maury] can sympathize with the problem currently facing Kim Kardashian: How do you prove your commitment to the father of your child when you’re still legally married to another man? It’s a question as old as time itself. From The Sun:

[Kim and Kanye] will exchange vows and rings at a private beach mansion in Malibu. Kim is likely to still be married to her estranged husband Kris Humphries when she gives birth, as the pair cannot reach an agreement on the details of their pending divorce.

A source told The Sun: “Kanye is very traditional. He’d have liked to marry Kim now they are having a baby. But with Kim still married to someone else, there is not much he can do. It won’t be official like a wedding because Kanye wants that to be extra special when the time comes.

“But they will still exchange rings — they just won’t wear them on their wedding fingers. One of Kim’s friends is lending them his $10 million Malibu beach mansion and the entire bash will take place there. It’ll be a lot more low-key than a wedding.”

Good grief, I can’t believe it. Kim is not only giving her mom Kris a second moneymaking opportunity with this commitment ceremony (get your limited edition key chain now), but she’s also giving her a THIRD one — another wedding — once she’s officially divorced from her Neanderthal husband, Kris Humphries-Kardashian. And of course this means at least two more seasons of Keeping Up with the Attention Whores, and there is no doubt that Kim will star in at least one more “leaked” (but professionally shot and edited) sex tape. Geez, those Mayans sure got their predictions all wrong. That extinction level solar flare would almost be a welcome relief from Team KKK’s relentless self-promotion.


January 17, 2013 - 6:30 am