Marc Anthony is no longer tapping this

Shannon De Lima in all her glory

Marc Anthony’s rep says the split between he and girlfriend Shannon De Lima is amicable, but she’s most certainly lying because Marc Anthony looks like Marc Anthony and Shannon De Lima looks like Shannon De Lima. You’re not fooling anyone here, bitch. From People:

“Marc is no longer dating model Shannon de Lima,” his rep Blanca Lasalle tells People exclusively. “The amicable breakup became official right in mid-January.”

De Lima and Anthony – who went public with the romance last January on Twitter by calling his model girlfriend “my statue of liberty” – didn’t show any sign of discord before their split. The reason for their split? “The truth is they have been having a great time together, but it no longer worked,” says a source.

“I’m having so much fun banging this hot chick, I think I’m gonna leave before I’m finished” . . . I’m sure that’s something we’ve all done, right fellas? If we’re supposed to believe this, for the third time, Marc Anthony hooks up with a chick way hotter than his status allows, only to dump her like a stack of herpes . . . and I’m supposed to believe he doesn’t have a hankerin’ for trouser baloney? I don’t see anything wrong with dumping Miss Universe Dayanara Torres for a low-level A-lister like J. Lo, but now he’s dumping his current hottie for who? Probably a hole in the wall of a truck stop bathroom stall. I will be shocked as well as impressed if Marc can keep his name off a certain giant quilt everybody stares at but nobody wants to be on.


January 29, 2013 - 11:30 am