Paris Hilton sells dignity for $300k (just kidding, she doesn’t have any dignity)

Paris Hilton leaving Fred Segal in West Hollywood (1/22)

It was much publicized yesterday that Lindsay Lohan turned down $500k to be on a dumb reality show — Paris Hilton, on the other hand, will gladly take your money. From Radar:

The Danish version of Paradise Hotel began airing in the country in 2005, and the show features single people living in a five star hotel and competing to stat who can stay the longest. It had a short run in America when it aired on Fox in 2003. The show has sparked controversy in Denmark because of the casual sex and excessive drinking, which is on full display during episodes.

The hotel heiress “was paid $300k to appear on the show. Paris shot it several months ago in Mexico, and she will appear on several episodes during the current season which just premiered in Denmark.

The decision for Paris to participate in the reality show in Denmark, “was a no brainer because it was easy money for her. Paris never would have agreed to do it if it aired in the U.S. because of the criticism she would have received,” the insider tells us.

I feel bad for Lindsay Lohan. She kicked off 2013 in BEAST MODE, racking up one humiliating headline after another . . . then Paris announces her big comeback on some Nazi sympathizer reality show. Make no mistake, Paris has an estimated worth of $100 million — go ahead and let that seep into your grey matter. Bigfoot needs another $300k in her checking account like she needs another STD. This is her pathetic attempt to get on one of my highly anticipated end of the year lists, and it will happen unless Paris tries to curb her depravity. I will not stand for such shameless self-promotion without taking a soul as recompense. Now get in my cauldron, little piggy! *maniacal laughter*

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January 23, 2013 - 10:30 am