Thomas Gibson is under arrest

Thomas Gibson at the CBS 2012 Fall Premiere Party at Greystone Manor in West Hollywood (9/18)

Thomas Gibson, who stars on the CBS show Criminal Minds, was arrested for DUI over the weekend in L.A. Did he take a pay cut or something? Weird that he can’t afford a cab . . . From TMZ:

Cops believe an intoxicated Gibson tried to drive his Audi SUV through a part of downtown L.A. that had been sectioned off for a nighttime half-marathon around 1 AM on Sunday morning. The footage begins with Gibson standing next to his car speaking with police … when a bike cop arrives to the scene and screams for the actor to, “Get on the ground, NOW!”

At that point, all of the officers on scene rush toward Gibson and manhandle him to the ground as he yells, “Why?! Why!?” While Gibson is on the ground, he can be heard telling the cops, “I am NOT resisting … I am NOT resisting!”

Boy, if I had a nickel for every time I was driving home at 1 AM and got trapped in the middle of a marath– the fuck?!? Why is there a god damn marathon in the middle of L.A. at 1 AM? That’s drinkin’ time. Make no mistake, if you were running a marathon at 1 AM and got hit by Thomas Gibson in an Audi, I would not shed a tear. In fact, I’d picket your funeral like those knuckle draggers at the Westboro Baptist Church. Turns out GOD HATES FAGS and PEOPLE WHO RUN MARATHONS AT 1 AM.


January 8, 2013 - 3:00 pm