Free Britney

Britney Spears leaving Albertsons in L.A. (2/2)

While it sounds like it could be entertaining in theory (and I’m not talking about the music part), Britney Spears’ rumored Vegas residence at Caesars is probably gonna suck. Her legal guardian (aka her dad) is basically gonna treat her like a 5-year-old. Via Contact Music:

[Britney Spears] is reportedly close to signing a five-year concert residency in Las Vegas worth $100 million per year. But the city is notorious for its wild partying and her father and legal guardian Jamie Spears wants to make sure she doesn’t get caught up in that lifestyle before he allows her to sign the deal.

A source previously: “She has a bad track record there. This will be a bad temptation for her. They intend to set her up in a mansion in the Nevada suburbs. There will be bodyguards, her father, her manager – they will escort her to and from the show and watch her every move. They’ll make it like her life in California, just hotter.”

Awe, isn’t that cute. I can already see Britney jumping out of Papa Jamie’s 1991 Ford Escort, all gussied up real purty-like in her old Catholic schoolgirl outfit . . . except lil’ Britney ain’t going to school and she’s certainly not little anymore. Can’t Jamie extend Britney’s curfew until 2014 so she can actually have some fun in Vegas? She promises she’ll take her meds (and, yes, snorting them can be just as effective). And if she shaves her head again, that’s less she has to spend on shampoo and haircuts, which means more you can siphon off via creative accounting. It’s a real win-win for all involved.


February 4, 2013 - 2:00 pm