Chris Brown faked his community service

Chris Brown leaving Supperclub in Hollywood (1/22)

The L.A. County District Attorney has filed documents alleging that Chris Brown faked part of the 180 days of community service he was supposed to perform as part of the plea deal for almost beating Rihanna to death — even getting his mom to help vouch for his lies. Chris Brown, you say? But he’s a fine, upstanding member of the community — I simply refuse to believe that he played an active role in such treachery. I bid you and your scurrilous accusations good day, sir! From TMZ:

The Richmond P.D. admits they only supervised Brown on 9 or 10 occasions and on all other dates he was not supervised by anyone. And get this, the detective who had been assigned to oversee Brown’s community service was told she did not have to continue monitoring at the Children’s Center.  The times, location and types of duty were provided by Chris Brown’s mother.

The Administrator of the Children’s Center allegedly tried coaching the floor waxing guy on what to say to D.A. investigators, but he refused to lie and in fact had already told investigators he was the only one who waxed the floors for the past 3 years.  Chris claimed in docs he waxed the floors on some occasions.

Sources tell TMZ … there’s no way Chris could have performed community service on some of the days, because he was out of the country doing concerts.

It’s pretty clever that Chris tried to pass off days he was out of the country as days he was performing his community service in Virginia. With the Pony Express taking at least ten days to relay messages from east coast to west, that dumbass judge will be none the wiser! Oh no, wait, this isn’t 1860 before Google was invented. Fucking idiot.

[Pacific Coast News]

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February 5, 2013 - 5:00 pm