‘I wanted the entire hot dog stand’

Jennifer Love Hewitt in Hawaii in 2007

Jennifer Love Hewitt says those infamous unflattering bikini photos taken of her in 2007 (above) made her even hungrier. Mmmmm, trans fats. From Shape:

[Jennifer Love Hewitt’s] body hasn’t always been bikini-ready — she was famously criticized in 2007 after an unflattering photo of her at the beach surfaced.

“It was a horrible moment I hope to never relive,” Hewitt [tells the new issue of Shape]. “The irony is, all it did was make me want to grab as much junk food as I could. I’d never been more hungry! I didn’t just want a hot dog — I wanted the entire hot dog stand!”

Well now I’ve seen everything. Just so I understand, Jennifer got hungrier — which made her fat — because those 2007 photos made her look like the Cloverfield Monster rising out of the East River? But if she was already fat, why would those pics make her fat? I’m calling this a Jedi Master mindfuck that would’ve made Obi Wan and Johnnie Cochran proud. Well, two can play this game:

Question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Answer: Trick question — there’s no answer because Jennifer ate them both back in 2007.

February 19, 2013 - 8:00 am