Jenny McCarthy is horny for Bradley Cooper

Jenny McCarthy at a Halloween party at Gallery nightclub in Las Vegas last year

Note to Bradley Cooper: You could totally bang Jenny McCarthy if you wanted to. From In Touch Weekly:

“I went from one guy to the next. I had them lined up!” the former Playboy centerfold tells In Touch of her love life. “Now I’m enjoying being single. I’ve been waiting my whole life for my own talk show, so now I have to make sure I have enough time with my son, too. Love is low on the totem pole!”

And although she admits she’s “not putting anything specific out there” in terms of the type of guy she goes for, Jenny concedes that all rules would be suspended for a certain Hollywood A-lister. “If someone wanted to set me up with Bradley Cooper, I would say, ‘Fuck all the bullshit I just said!‘” she tells In Touch with a laugh.

I wish I could be nicer to celebrities, but every time I think I’m out, their stupid-ass comments pull me back in. Case in point: Jenny McCarthy. Jenny wants a shot at Bradley Cooper, a guy who could be plowing a fine little piece of filet mignon — Jennifer Lawrence — if he wanted to. Unfortunately for Ms. Mac, she’s resembling beef jerky that’s been in the Exxon Shop a few weeks too long these days — not that it makes a difference to Brad. Rumor has it that Brad is big time into the vegetarian scene — he just cant get enough V8 poured down his throat and chest. Hey, who can blame him? I can totally see why vegetarianism is perfect for him . . . no vegan.


February 20, 2013 - 9:15 am