Jesse Heiman is a sex symbol now

Bar Refaeli and Jesse Heiman’s infamous kiss

Everyone now wants to hook up with the dude Bar Refaeli kissed in the GoDaddy commercial (aka Jesse Heiman), which just helps prove my theory that women, in general, are soulless fame vultures. From the New York Post:

Is Jesse Heiman actually becoming a sex symbol? The flabby actor was spotted surrounded by women wanting pictures with him at Carmine’s Times Square recently while he dined with pals. The unlikely ladies’ man, 34, has reportedly been getting date requests and even an offer to do porn (which he declined). The Super Bowl shoot featuring Heiman and Refaeli French-kissing was supposed to demonstrate the “nerdy” and “sexy” sides of the site and reportedly took 65 takes of smooching to get right.

Go for it, Jesse. Don’t be shy now. You owe it to every homely dude who’s ever been cockblocked and/or humiliated by a hot chick to give those fame-digging skanks some of your nerd goo. Bar Refaeli did you the favor of a lifetime by letting you put your Geek Squad tongue in her mouth on TV — don’t waste that gift. Trust me, dude, your celebrity status won’t last much longer so you might as well stop being a gentleman and start being Joe Francis (i.e. an asshole). And remember, “no” really only means “no” if you have a shitty legal team.


February 15, 2013 - 6:30 am