Lamar Odom is over it

Khloe Kardashian arriving at Sirius Studios in New York (2/1)

Life & Style says Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are on a “trial separation” right now due to the face that Lamar really really really wants to nail some NBA groupies on the Clippers road trip. Well, duh:

“He told Khloe he needs time to think and be away from her,” an insider shares. “He feels completely smothered by her. He feels like he has lost a lot of himself in their marriage and being a part of the whole Kardashian machine, and he is over it.”

Lamar’s first night away was Jan. 28 — and he didn’t waste any time falling back into his bad habits. An insider says he was back to “partying and talking to other women,” just days into the break. In fact, an eyewitness tells Life & Style on Jan. 31 Lamar was grinding with a scantily clad brunette at Bloke & 4th in Toronto. “They were into each other and majorly flirting,” a fellow clubgoer tells Life & Style. “At one point, Lamar sat down, took off his knit cap, and the woman was right there rubbing his head.” 

Lamar just wants to be with his teammates and friends and let loose – he and Khloe were barely speaking when he left for his road games,” the insider adds. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he moved out after this separation. He is completely checked out.”

Wow, I just caught myself there. Sorry, I was about to go on a rant regarding the end of the Kardashian era, but Team KKK has fooled me before. I’ll give them credit for going to the same well and not getting called out on it by anyone except yours truly. Look, Lamar got what he wanted out of this relationship — an upgrade from main stage slutty strippers to champagne room classy strippers. Khloe will be fine, too. Now she can play innocent victim to an evil NBA villain, just like her enlarging sister, Kim. But really, who cares. The only K I had a hard-on for was Kourtney, but now she’s just a baby-shitting machine. Let’s get those two youngsters a little more seasoned so I can speak on the subject without getting child services involved.


February 8, 2013 - 6:30 am