Leonardo DiCaprio is using Jonah hill to hook up with chicks

Leonardo DiCaprio in Miami (1/22)

Leonardo DiCaprio used friend Jonah Hill to get the phone number of French model Margarita Gauchet, and now the two are dating . . . no, I mean Leo and Margarita, not Jonah and Margarita. Pretty sure he’s a virgin. From Celebrity Dirty Laundry:

Leonardo DiCaprio declared he was taking time off from acting but that isn’t stopping his ever-exciting love life. Celeb Dirty Laundry exclusively learned that Leo may be getting serious with 20-year-old French model, Margarita Gauchet.

The model/actress, who also goes by the name Margarita Ross, apparently caught the A-lister’s attention on the set of Wolf of Wall Street sometime in November. A source and friend of Gauchet told us that Leo asked co-star and recent constant companion, Jonah Hill, to score her number. Leo rang her up and invited her to his now infamous New Year’s Yacht party in Australia … the one where seemingly all the chicks were topless and Jonah Hill walked around with a goofy I’m just happy to be here grin on his face the entire time.

Geez, this article must have been written by a Titanic fan girl, because it reads like a rambling, incoherent wishful thought more than it reads like a boldfaced lie. Look at him — does it look like Leonardo DiCaprio needs Fat Jonah Hill to be his wingman? He needs Hill about as much as the United States needed Canada to defeat the Nazis. In truth, if it got me invited to one of his topless model gathering parties (Leo calls these events “Wednesday”). I’d be Leo’s personal bitch-boy, too . . . no homo.


February 7, 2013 - 8:00 am