Lindsay Lohan is now dating a 22-year-old

Lindsay Lohan appearing in court in L.A. (1/30)

Lindsay Lohan is now dating 22-year-old Brooklyn-born deejay Julian Cavin. Oh, he probably has good credit. From the New York Daily News:

“‘Dating’ may be too heavy of a word to use right now,” says one source who saw the pair “sucking face in front of everyone” Friday night. “They haven’t been hooking up that long.” But an insider says “they spent all weekend together and they’re seeing each other.”

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for the actress and deejay, however. Lohan’s presence at Cavin’s deejay gig at the Little Italy nightclub Goldbar, where the dark-haired stud regularly works, caused quite the ruckus.

“She was a mess,” sniffs an insider, who says she arrived with one other female friend. “She started dirty dancing [on Cavin] when he wasn’t in the [DJ] booth.”

Before we all point and laugh at Lindsay’s latest excursion to the bottom of the barrel, please understand that her current boyfriend/Percocet provider — Julian Cavin — is a high-ranking general of the Brooklyn Poser Army. You know the type, right? He’s the type that buys hipster clothes at the Goodwill Store even though he has a credit score of 800 (thanks mom and dad!) . . . think of him as Samantha Ronson with smaller, less stinky fingers. Julian probably has enough bat mitzvah party money saved up to support Lindsay’s “habits” through Easter . . . well as long as Dina doesn’t try to “borrow” any money from he-LOL! I was almost able to type that without laughing.


February 13, 2013 - 5:00 pm