Chris Brown is buying his way into Rihanna’s heart

Rihanna leaving her hotel in London (2/17)

According to In Touch Weekly, Chris Brown is showering Rihanna with gifts to “prove that he’s more serious” this time around. Hey, it beats being showered with haymakers.

A source tells the new issue of In Touch that the bad boy dropped $65,000 on a pair of Neil Lane chandelier earrings that he presented to the Barbados-born beauty, explaining, “Chris wants to prove he’s more serious now.”

The source reveals when Neil Lane originally lent Rihanna this pair of earrings — Chris took note when she gushed over how much she loved them, and without her knowing, purchased them for her.

Of course Chris wants to show Rihanna that he’s more serious now — nothing says “I’m an immature little silly goose” more than nearly beating your girlfriend to death (and then getting your victim’s battered face tattooed on your scrawny neck in celebration of the occasion). Screw this jewelry crap, Chris needs to take Rihanna shopping at Sports Authority since they now carry the finest selection of MMA training equipment she could ever need. If Neil Lane chandelier earrings get her all hot and bothered, then imagine how soaked her panties would get if Chris bought her an official Anderson “Spider” Silva mouth guard? Or maybe some Chael Sonnen autographed kick pads? Hell, I might have to change the ol’ thong, myself.


March 5, 2013 - 6:30 am