Justin Bieber made $6,200/hour last year

Justin Bieber arriving back at his hotel in London (2/28)

Justin Bieber made an astounding $6,200/hour last year, which still isn’t enough to buy the physique of an adult man. From Parade:

It’s no surprise that celebrities make a whole lot more than the Average Joe and Jane. But how much more? According to Parade’s “What People Earn” issue, a lot more. Justin Bieber pulled in a staggering $55 million in 2012. The sum includes album sales, touring and two women’s fragrances. This means the teen superstar made $6,261 an hour last year.

You know what? I’m gonna be OK. Last year, the old me would have become so enraged by Justin’s success that I would have punched an old lady in the throat. Today? Not so much. Thanks to groups like One Direction, Justin’s time in the sun is just about over — and he knows it. Haven’t you noticed the uptick in JB freak-out stories? I sure have. The little kid is panicking because 13-year-old girls aren’t defending his lack of talent or furiously masturbating to him with the same fervor anymore. I hope Justin saved his money, because I have a feeling that he’s only one bad concert tour and resulting coke addiction away from punching a time card at a Toronto fish cannery.


March 13, 2013 - 6:30 am