Justin Bieber took a little side trip to Amsterdam *wink*

Justin Bieber leaving the BLC club in London (3/2)

After his meltdown during the week-long London leg of his world tour, Justin Bieber took a little side trip to Amsterdam before his concert in Portugal, and he really enjoyed himself, if you catch my drift. You could say he was feeling more relaxed than usual, hint hint. And it seemed like he was hungrier than norma–WEED. HE SMOKED A SHITLOAD OF WEED. From The Sun:

The pop scrotum was spotted in one of the city’s coffee shops – and apparently he wasn’t just sipping a latte. Surrounded by minders, he also dropped into a chip shop called the Chipsy King, where manager Amir Beaucaire said he ordered two portions of fries.

A source said: “Justin paid a very hush-hush visit to Amsterdam over the weekend. It had been a stressful week in the UK after showing up late for a gig and then having a run-in with a photographer. He needed to unwind. By the sounds of it, he should have been well relaxed by the time he left.”

He left fans high and dry yesterday by cancelling a show in Portuguese capital Lisbon – blaming “unforeseen circumstances.”

Uh, how can there be “unforeseen circumstances” when I already called for a toe tag on Bieber’s career? It’s over and Justin knows it. Girly-boy Justin is dangerously close to being Chris Brownish, both in demeanor and appearance (well, maybe a photo negative of Chris), which tells me that he’s trying to take control of his free-fall back to obscurity. Sorry, kid, but there’s no pulling out of this one. Unless you hook up with Selena Gomez again and pummel her to within an inch of her life, get used to future casino appearances in the northern territories.


March 14, 2013 - 12:30 pm