Kirsten Dunst’s life is so hard

Kirsten Dunst leaving Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood (2/21)

Every so often you run across a story so heartbreaking that you question the very nature of humanity itself. This is not one of those times. From the New York Post:

Kirsten Dunst is tres miserables over Paris fashion week. The star was at Craig’s in LA last week, with a stylist and pals, to go over details of her upcoming trip to gay Paree — to accompany boyfriend Garrett Hedlund to shows — and sources said the “Melancholia” star wasn’t happy about the details. Dunst was overheard complaining that she had to travel in business instead of first class, spies said, and also about the designer clothes she’d have to wear.

Hey, I enjoyed Kirsten blasting her nips in Spider-Man just as much as every other red-blooded swingin’ dick, but that was a decade ago. She belongs in business class with the rest of the riff raff. I’m sorry, but Kirsten will have to accept standby tickets and last years Walmart returns until she gets back on the stage and makes momma some money. Now dance for your dinner, bitch!


March 1, 2013 - 12:30 pm