Nicki Minaj would be a good person to rob

Nicki Minaj would be a good person to rob

Nicki Minaj says she keeps $5k in cash in her purse. From the New York Daily News:

While “American Idol” judge Mariah Carey once feared fellow judge Nicki Minaj might pull out a gun and shoot her, Minaj says the only think you’ll find in her purse are Benjamins. “I don’t put cash in my Louis Vuitton wallet,” she says in US magazine’s “What’s in My Bag?” column this week. “I have it thrown around my bag — just a whole bunch of hundreds, maybe $5,000.”

$5,000, you say? Nicki must have balls as big as her ass. Putting information like that out there is kinda dangerous considering the horseplay that occurs in the hip hop community on a daily basis. It’s like wearing a meat suit in shark-infested waters, or pointing a camera at your dick in front of Paris Hilton and expecting her not to jump on it. Now, every broke loser with a sob story or chloroform-soaked rag is gonna try to join Nicki’s entourage to get a shot at that money . . . hey, Lindsay Lohan just sent Nicki a friend request on Facebook. That didn’t take long.

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March 15, 2013 - 10:30 am