Taylor Swift did actually buy a house near the Kennedy Compound

Taylor Swift leaving the Groucho Club in London (2/22)

Despite her denials, turns out that Taylor Swift did actually buy a house last summer near her boyfriend of a week or so Conor Kennedy, according to the real estate agent who just helped her sell it for $1 million more than she bought it for. Hah! Joke’s on you, Taylor! Now we all know you’re a tremendous businesswoman! From E!:

Despite being coy in Vanity Fair about buying the Hyannis Port, Mass., house near the Kennedy compound while dating Conor Kennedy last summer, realtor Bob Kinlin tells E! News that he did in fact sell the house to Swift. The chart-topping singer avoided answering the question during her interview for the mag, saying, “Apparently I buy houses near every boy I like.”

But Kinlin, who sold the house last August to Swift, told us that the young singer snagged the Cape Code style, seven bedroom home for $4.8 million, in the name of the Ocean Drive LLC, registered to a Nashville manager Jesse P. Schaudies Jr. of Swift’s 13 Management company. He also told us that Swift turned around and sold the property two weeks ago, making almost $1 million in profit after having the home for only seven months.

Down housing market? Says who? Taylor sold Chateau le Stalker and made a cool million, whereas I couldn’t sell my ’91 Buick Skylark on eBay without throwing in a complimentary handjob. That’s a hell of an accomplishment in this day and age. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not joining Team Swift anytime soon, but maybe I’ll just try the shirt on to see how it fits.


March 8, 2013 - 1:30 pm