Brooklyn Decker says she was intimidated by Jennifer Aniston’s body

Brooklyn Decker in Miami in 2011

Brooklyn Decker says she was intimidated by the sight of Jennifer Aniston in a bikini on the set of Just Go With It in 2011. Wait, what? Is this backwards day? From the Daily Mail:

They starred together in the 2011 comedy movie Just Go With It. But Brooklyn Decker has revealed that she was so ‘awestruck’ by Jennifer Aniston’s beauty on the set of the film that she was too scared even to exercise with her. Brooklyn made the revelation as she posed for a stunning new shoot in Women’s Health magazine.

Asked who she would want if she could choose anyone as a body double, Brooklyn said: “It’s got to be Jennifer. She’s so active and had to be in a bikini for Just Go With It – she just had this glow about her. I was a bit awestruck! I was invited to do yoga with her on set but they had so many good yogis I was intimidated and chickened out.”

I really like this Brooklyn Decker gal, I really do. The truth of the matter is that Jennifer is damn fine and should be totally intimidating to every woman not named Brooklyn Decker. I’m fine with her “pretending to be in awe” schtick, but the real reason Brooklyn is eating ass is because Jennifer is a power player in Hollywood. Pissing Jennifer Aniston off means you are retiring from relevancy — just ask the entire cast of Friends. Or Angelina Jolie, who has fallen on such hard times that she can only afford to vacation in Africa now. That being said, if Brooklyn feels the urge to help her career by scissoring Jennifer, by all means be my guest — just give me a minute to get a box of tissue and a bowl of popcorn.

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April 3, 2013 - 5:00 pm