Carey Mulligan says her nude scene was liberating

Carey Mulligan nude in Shame

See, all actress should go nude. It’s totally liberating. Via Metro:

Carey Mulligan has revealed that getting naked on screen has helped her deal with her body issues. Mulligan, who appeared nude in Michael Fassbender movie Shame, spoke about how filming nude scenes helped her overcome her ‘prudishness’.

“In my own life I’m very prudish about my body, or at least I have been in the past,” she told The Sun. “I’m always covering myself up rather than wearing skimpy outfits. I don’t look good in very short skirts – at least I don’t think so.’I’m often terrified about different aspects of characters I’m playing. With respect to nudity, it was vital to the character in Shame, who wasn’t supposed to be a very attractive character and needed to be emotionally naked and lost in different ways. This is who she is – a character who can stand fully naked in front of her brother and not feel anything.”

Carey Mulligan is the greatest woman alive today. OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but her enthusiasm for showing the world her mediocre body really should be an inspiration to Hollywood’s prudes who refuse to show the goodies until their careers are in a tailspin. Personally, I believe her stance on nudity puts her in line for Oscar consideration. Attention Mila Kunis, Kate Beckinsale, Sofia Vergara, Jessica Beal and the rest of you goody two-shoes:  Casey Mulligan just pulled your pink cards, you know what you have to do.

April 11, 2013 - 10:30 am