Miss Teen Delaware got off

Former Miss Teen Delaware Melissa King leaving the courtroom in Ocean City, MD (4/22)

Former Miss Teen Delaware-turned porn star Melissa King (eye-fucking the shit out of the camera, above) escaped with just a $100 fine yesterday after pleading guilty to underage alcohol possession at District Court in Ocean City, Maryland. Oh, did you think I meant something else by that headline? From Delaware Online:

King’s attorney, J. Gregory Hannigan, said outside the courtroom that King’s boyfriend, who came with her to court, immediately paid her $100 fine and $45 in court costs. King, he said, has plans to attend a college this fall as a freshman. “So that she can be a normal freshman, we’re going to keep the name quiet,” Hannigan said.

Wait, she’s going to college in the fall? Are we talking real life college with books and term papers, or fake college where the teen sluts will do anything to convince the professor with the bleached asshole and huge cock to give them an A? Because in one of those she’s really gonna struggle, and the other she’s gonna make the Dean’s List.

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April 23, 2013 - 5:45 pm