Selena Gomez is turning into the new Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez filming a music video in Palmdale (3/4)

Taylor Swift has made millions on the back of countless ex-boyfriends, so why shouldn’t Selena Gomez get in on the action, too? Via Showbiz Spy:

Selena Gomez admits her split from Justin Bieber gave her inspiration for her new album. The pair split up while Selena was halfway through recording Come & Get It, and says the split actually gave her lots motivation.

“[The end] happened when half of the album was recorded,” she said. “And finally, it is not so bad, I was in a situation very interesting, because it let me launch a new kind of creativity that I had never known before.”

Yeah, there’s a lot of money being in the “whine yourself into a bloody fortune” biz, as every single country artist or “victim” of a stolen sex tape can tell you — Selena Gomez just happens to be the newest cog in an old machine. Does it work? Come on, dude, of course it does. Taylor Swift built her empire solely on her knack of getting humped and dumped every summer, so Selena is walking a path well traveled. The fact that the offending scoundrel is little Justin Bieber is icing on the cake — and possibly a reason for an album of the year award if any of Selena’s new songs include the word “douchebag” or “tiny penis.”


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April 5, 2013 - 6:30 am