Vanessa Minnillo may be moving to Ohio, just like she always dreamed of

Nick and Vanessa are moving to Ohio

Nick Lachey tells Access Hollywood that, within the next few years, he and wife Vanessa Minnillo will be leaving their $2.8 million, 6 bed, 8 bath home in Encino and settling down in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jealous!

“I loved growing up in Cincinnati where I’m from,” Lachey told Access Hollywood Live. “My brother’s there, his kids are there, my parents are there. I really value the effect that family has on a child growing up. I want Camden and other future kids we have to be around their cousins and their grandparents. That’s a very important part of growing up.”

Lachey, 39, and Minnillo, 32, both agree a move to the Midwest will only benefit 7-month-old Camden and any other children they may have.

“She’s cool with Ohio,” he added. “We have a place there now and we spend quite a bit of time there when we can, and she also values family and what bringing up our kids there means.”

Awe, shit. This is an awkward situation. Don’t the Minnillo-Lachey’s have an agent, or a lawyer, or at least a real friend who can tell them just how low on the entertainment totem pole they actually are? Being MTV royalty doesn’t mean they’re big enough to bless us with life-lessons on the joys of raising children in fly-over country, it just means they’ll get first crack at reading for Supergator vs. Sharktapus, a SyFy original movie (assuming that C. Thomas Howell and Tiffany turn the roles down).


April 25, 2013 - 8:00 am