Christina Hendricks sounds awesome

Christina Hendricks sounds awesome

Christina Hendricks is not gonna fall into the trap of letting herself go now that she’s married. Like some celebs who shall go unnamed *cough*jennifergarner*cough* From Lucky:

She laughs when asked if she wears pants. “All the time,” she insists. Current favorites are Imogene + Willie jeans, which she pairs with a black turtleneck. Yes to pants, however, does not mean yes to sweatpants. “I can’t do that to my husband [Geoffrey Arend], not after just three years of marriage. At home, I put on a low-cut caftan, and he’s like, ‘Babe, you look great.’ Caftans are just the perfect solution to what to wear at home. I love Camilla Franks’, but I also get great vintage ones on eBay.”

Aw, Christina sounds like such a good girl. She feels a need to dress up for her husband, eh . . . what’s his name? Oh yeah, the retarded Alan Alda. I kid, I kid. Geoffrey Arend must have a pipe like a Poland Spring bottle with a boxing glove for a cap to keep a skirt like Christina entertained. Remember when Titties O’Toole got her phone hacked? She clearly wants to keep her husband Gollum happy and interested — as if he was going anywhere unless Super Troopers makes a sequel. Since Geoffrey is barely scratching out a living, he couldn’t possibly afford high quality coke, so that only leaves a big hog to keep Big Red addicted.


May 17, 2013 - 12:15 pm