J.Lo cheating with Pitbull?

Jennifer Lopez and Pit Bull filming the music video for Live It Up on the beach in Miami (5/5)

Apparently J.Lo’s boyfriend Casper Smart is worried that she’s cheating on him with Pitbull. I don’t know what he’s worried about — Pitbull is only a successful rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, television presenter, and actor, while Casper, um, used to be a backup dancer. On second thought . . . From the National Enquirer:

Casper is convinced Jennifer is fooling around with Pitbull behind his back and that he’s on the chopping block,” said a source. “He confronted her and demanded to know if she’s having an affair with Pitbull. Then he ordered her to cut ties with him. Jen was so taken aback that at first she just laughed in Casper’s face.

“But then she got really mad. She shot back at him, ‘Don’t you talk to me like that!’ and stormed off. Later, she reminded Casper that she’s the boss and moneymaker in the relationship – and if he doesn’t like the terms, he can hit the road. And if Jen dumps him, Casper knows his days of living high on the hog are over. He broke down and sobbed, ‘Jen can’t leave me yet – she promised to make me famous!'”

Come on, National Enquirer. The way you’re presenting the facts is inherently dishonest. Saying that J.Lo is cheating on Casper Smart is like saying J.Lo isn’t getting her Toyota Corolla detailed at her usual car wash. Casper Smart is a NOBODY, a complete zilch in the entertainment world. He’s Kevin Federline minus the extra 200lbs of bacon fat around the midsection. Because of the large discrepancy of status between him and J.Lo, he’s not allowed to be worried about cheating. It’d be like if President Obama starting dating Amanda Bynes and she got all worried about the late night phone calls from Beyonce. Dude, he’s the fucking leader of the free world and you’re about a year from being homeless. Chill out.


May 31, 2013 - 12:00 pm