Anna Kournikova might be getting married

Anna Kournikova might be getting married

Is Enrique Iglesias finally going to marry Anna Kournikova next week? Sure, why not. From The Sun:

[Enrique Iglesias] has finally committed and set a date for their wedding. They are set to get hitched next week in their home city, Miami. A source said:

“Anna’s been gagging to get married for years but Enrique’s resisted, openly talking about how he doesn’t want to settle. They’re finally going to do it next week and have invited stars including Nicole Scherzinger, Lewis Hamilton, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, and David and Victoria Beckham.”

Anna’s been wearing a $4.8 million diamond engagement ring for years and was said to have got secretly hitched to Enrique in 2011 after he introduced her as his wife to fans.

But the source insisted: “They wouldn’t have done it in secret as they want it to be lavish. This is going to be a huge wedding in front of their celeb pals. They are going all out – it’s going to be a massive ceremony with an over-the-top reception.”

Ok, so where’s my invite? I’m only asking because since Anna retired a decade ago, I’ve kept her name relevant via the most ripped-off website ever, Celebslam. I’ve even been kind enough to not attack her piss-ant, completely milk-toast boyfriend, Ricky Iglesias. Enrique makes Justin Bieber look like Rob Zombie. I’m not even asking to go to the church part, I just want to stop by the reception (don’t worry, I sometimes have my drinking almost completely under control). I’ve always wanted to see what a B-list party looks like, since I run with a much more important crew. My guess is it looks the same as any A-list wedding, the difference being the quality of the cocaine.


May 10, 2013 - 10:30 am