So Kim Kardashian probably cheated on Reggie Bush with Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush at Whitehouse Nightclub in New York in 2008

There have been whispers in the past that Kim Kardashian cheated on Reggie Bush with Kanye West, but now Kim’s ex-husband Kris’ ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj says not only did Kim cheat, but she helped set it up. Jesus, this is like an episode of Maury. She tweeted:

“I was the one making kanye keys to her suit at 2am!!! Back when she was supposed to be with the love of her life Reggie Bush right?? … She should thank me for my discretion for not mentioning the fact when I was the Overnight Manager at the W Hotel … My advice to Kanye is ‘if they cheat with you, they cheat on you.’ Remember that shit.”

Kim Kardashian cheated on [INSERT ATHLETE/RAPPER NAME HERE] with [INSERT ATHLETE/RAPPER NAME HERE] all the while playing the victim? That’s a detail worth mentioning to [INSERT ATHLETE/RAPPER NAME HERE]’s lawyers during divorce proceedings. I’m obviously goofing on you guys — we all know Kim only lets a very “specific” type of guy raw dog her. You know who I mean, right? Those guys who are always the loudest in the room, never shut up during movies, drive ridiculously tacky and ostentatious vehicles, and are never on time for anything . . . you know, celebrities. I know where you guys were going with this and I’ll answer your question with a resounding YES, you are racist. Shame on you.


June 7, 2013 - 6:30 am