Christie Brinkley is uptight

Christie Brinkley says no Playboy

Even though she’s still pretty good-looking and would certainly make a Top 100 MILFs list, Christie Brinkley is ruling out ever appearing in Playboy. Well la di da Miss High Society. From the New York Post:

Christie Brinkley is happy to pose in a bikini at 59 but not for every magazine. The model, who looks great in a swimsuit in Social Life, was taken aback when a guest at a Water Mill bash asked if she’d be willing to pose for Playboy. A spy reports, “Christie said, ‘No, because it would embarrass my children.’ “

Aw, come on. Why is Christie being so shy? Showing full bush is all the rage these days, so every gal who is or ever once was a supermodel should partake. I can understand why a regular soccer mom wouldn’t want to bring shame to the family, but this is Christie Brinkley we’re talking about. The shame defense went out the window when she started selling overpriced exercise equipment with Chick Norris. Come on, CB, do it and prove everyone wrong. Show your frenemies that you’re not completely washed up and over the hill. Don’t let that Helen Mirren pull your punk card at the next fancy schmancy Hampton’s soiree again.


June 7, 2013 - 1:30 pm