This counts as employment, right?

Dina Lohan pockets $50k for talk show appearance

Dina Lohan was paid $50k last week to fight with her ex-husband Michael Lohan on The Test — a new talk show that uses lie detectors to see if guests are being truthful. Seems like a wise investment. If I know anything about television, it’s that Dina Lohan is ratings gold. Heck, I bet her whole family watched. From TMZ:

As we told you … Dina and Michael Lohan went nuclear on each other Thursday during a taping of a new show that uses lie detectors to settle disputes. Dina and Michael were at each other’s throats over Lindsay, infidelity … the usual.

So why would Dina and Michael go on a show? To help Lindsay get better? Unlikely. To settle their differences? That’s never gonna happen. The reason is simple. Dina got $50 grand, and it didn’t feel dirty because we’re told she got Lindsay’s permission in advance.

In my village there’s an old saying that goes a little something like this: “A job’s a job, right?” No, not right. That’s how a prostitute justifies her actions before performing a particularly degrading act (see: Paris Hilton in life, Harrison Ford agreeing to do Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). It’s also what Mikey Lodown and White Oprah say to themselves every night to keep from shotgunning their brains to the ceiling — this is why I’m not overly mean to Lindsay when I report her misadventures. LiLo and her future celebrity rehab siblings were clearly raised by wolves . . . dirty laundry the Lohans will gladly air out for an extra $84 and a bottle of Jack.

FUN FACT: In my village, the word “wolves” is a euphemism for the word “cunts”

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June 5, 2013 - 12:15 pm