Helen Flanagan’s sexy pics stolen

Helen Flanagan sexy pics stolen

Rising English actress/model Helen Flanagan recently had her London home or flat or whatever the hell they call it over there broken into and one of the items the thieves got away with was her cell phone . . . a cell phone full of naughty pictures. Yes! Oops, I mean poor girl. From The Sun:

Helen Flanagan fears her raunchy photos could end up online — after the phone they were on was stolen in the raid on her home. The ex-Coronation Street beauty, 22, is scared the self-taken snaps — thought to show her topless, in skimpy undies and striking other sexy poses — could wreck her career. Sobbing Helen has told pals losing it was the “worst aspect” of last week’s raid — even though the masked gang fled with gems worth thousands.

A friend said last night: “Helen’s mortified at the thought of the photos and texts going on the web. She doesn’t want her solo amateur stuff bouncing around the net for ever. It’s all very well doing sexy poses for mags in a studio. But daring shots taken in the privacy of her home are very different and were never taken to be made public.”

Geez, Helen is laying the violated celebrity bit on thick. Can someone on her press team tell her to relax — her “stolen” pics are gonna make her (or if we’re being honest, her porn star quality tits) a reality superstar. The patron saint of shameless AstroTurf porn tapes, Pamela Anderson, paved the way for women like her years ago — there’s no need for hysterics. It worked like a charm, too. Before this story broke, I didn’t know who the blue hell Helen Flanagan was or why she’s famous . . . and I still don’t, but I do know that my carpal tunnel syndrome just kicked in something awful.

June 27, 2013 - 5:00 pm