Kanye doesn’t seem to be too fond of Kim’s family

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in Paris (4/30)

Bruce Jenner and his Brody Jenner revealed to Extra last week that the Jenner-Kardashian family compound is pretty much like Chernobyl to Kanye West.

“Extra’s” Maria Menounos caught up with Brody and dad Bruce at The Grove, where Brody explained that he hasn’t bonded with the rapper because “I’ve never met him.”

Bruce added, “Actually, I have only met him once… Yeah he’s not around, he was in Paris the whole time writing, and he just hasn’t been around.”

So exactly how many talentless, fame-leeching, attention whores does Kanye need to support? Between Ray J’s toilet, Kim’s sisters, his evil pseudo-step momager, and the Team KKK second unit, Kanye’s waning popularity can’t support them all. Also, I have news for Bruce and Brody: Kanye doesn’t want Kim in his life, either. Do you think he really needed to move halfway around the world to write shitty lyrics? He could have done that here, but then Kanye would have to deal with fatso and the rest of those shameless cartoon characters. Just look at how he’s behaved the last few months. Jay-Z looks downright giddy compared to Kanye these days.

Oh, and before I forget, is it possible that Maria Menounos is getting hotter, or is standing next to the petrified carcass of Bruce Jenner causing some sort of optical illusion?


June 4, 2013 - 2:15 pm