Kim Kardashian is running a sting on her friends

Kim Kardashian does not trust her friends

Kim Kardashian is so untrusting of her friends that she sent some of them a fake picture of her baby to see if they would then turn around and sell it to a magazine. And it seems like a few of them did. From the Daily Mail:

One of Kim’s so-called pals attempted to sell the bogus photo of a newborn to a publication. The baby, who is seen wrapped in a blanket, could easily pass for being the child of Kim and Kanye West, who was born June 15. But sources have confirmed that the photo Kim sent around was a fake with two images of a baby that is NOT Kim and Kanye’s now appearing online. It seems Kim wanted to test the principals of several of her friends as the world waits for a first glimpse of her child.

Sucks to be one of Kim’s friends who sold one of these fake baby pictures. Busted. Sucks to also be one of Kim’s friends who didn’t sell one of these fake baby pictures. Because now you know she doesn’t trust you. Great idea by Kim to let a group of people know that you hate them.


June 26, 2013 - 10:30 am