Mila Kunis is never gonna live down dating Kevin from Home Alone

Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin in 2002

Russell Brand said he tried to bang Mila Kunis when both were filming Forgetting Sarah Marshall in 2008 (surprisingly good movie, btw), but that damn Macaulay Culkin got in the way. KEVIN! Via The Sun:

Russell said: “[Mila]’s gorgeous. She’s so gorgeous. I was chatting her up, and got the conversation around to, ‘Have you got a boyfriend?’ and she went, ‘Yeah’. So you know that feeling of ‘How long do I have to maintain an interest in this conversation now?’ It’s 12 seconds. She’s talking about her boyfriend ‘Mac’. Eventually, she said ‘My boyfriend’s coming tomorrow.’ She was excited — and when he came it was not ‘Mac’, it was Macaulay Culkin!

“He’d got longer. Like a veal calf, like he’d been grown in a crate. All pale and scared of himself, like a shaved horse. There was a horror about him! Macaulay Culkin! The little lad out of Home Alone! She’s fucking him!”

Yeah, I hate to agree with the Eurotrash, but Macauley Culkin might forever be Mila’s scarlet letter. That being said, who is Russell Brand to call out little Kevin? The kid might be in a bad spot right now, but at least Mac has a couple of monster hit movies under his belt, while Russell starred in that godawful Arthur reboot. I could knock Katy Perry around for allowing Russell to defile her during that sham marriage, but she has those great big melons that makes everything alright by me. Yeah, those big, juicy, jiggly melons sure are nice . . . um, where was I? . . . oh yeah, fuck Russell Brand. He’s as good a reason as any why we need to tighten our borders.


June 21, 2013 - 6:30 am