This will not end well

Britney Spears giving Pauly D a lap dance during her concert in Puerto Rico in 2011

This can only end with Britney getting knocked up with a Jersey Shore baby. From In Touch Weekly:

Will Britney Spears and Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio be friends “till the World Ends”? Pauly thinks so! “We talk every couple of weeks,” says the Jersey Shore star, 33, who served as Britney’s opening act on her 2011 Femme Fatale Tour. And with Britney, 31, planning a move to Las Vegas this fall for a two-year residency with Caesars Entertainment, Pauly is hoping to spend more quality time with her. “We’ll hand out a lot,” says Pauly, who has a Sin City residency of his own at Aria Resort & Casino. “It’ll be cool!” (Print Ediiton – 7/13)

Meh. Britney hooking up with Pauly D had the potential to write its own stories for an entire summer, but unfortunately for all of us, Britney seems to have either been cured of the crazies or her father James is an even better conservator than he is a short-order cook — which is really saying something because nobody can deep-fry alligator tails like Mr. Spears. Actually, I feel bad for Pauly D. Even though she has an occasional hillbilly hiccup and “forgets” to strap those udders down during her coffee runs, Britney’s been a model citizen for a while now, so it’s unlikely Pauly will fist pump his way into the Spears’ fortune. Only time and a shitload of meth will tell.

[Bauer Griffin]

July 16, 2013 - 12:15 pm