Brody Jenner’s new girlfriend is rather attractive

Brody Jenner and Bryana Holly in Maui (6/24)

Well this is a real stretch for Brody Jenner — he’s dating a ridiculously hot model. About time he stepped out of his comfort zone. From Star:

Brody Jenner’s stepsiblings are the Kardashians– but the former The Hills star is making waves of his own, with his new romance with blonde model, Bryana Holly! The sexy couple packed on the PDA during a recent trip to Hawaii, and friends say Brody, 29, may have finally found his match in 20-year-old Bryana.

“He couldn’t be happier,” a close friend spills to Star. “He loves that she is nothing like his ex Avril Lavigne” — whose name he had tattooed on his arm — “because she was so moody and dramatic. Bryana is easygoing and carefree.” (Print Edition – 7/13)

I don’t have a problem with Brody Kardashian-Jenner doing what he has to to make a living, since this chick can clearly get him past the velvet rope of any Chili’s or Pizza Hut in the greater Temecula area. What’s the old saying? Oh yeah, “douchebags gotta eat, too.” The proof of that is that Brody’s still running running around with that “Avril” tramp stamp while his half sisters spend thousands a month on body hair removal. No, my problem is with Bryana. I Googled her, and she seems to be way out of Brody’s league — and  I mean waaaaay out. Unless Brody is holding her green card hostage, I’ll assume that Bryana has lower self esteem than the fluffers at a donkey show train-pulling session or someone who lives in Florida.

July 17, 2013 - 9:45 am