Kelly Brook says she’d never get a boob job. Well, duh.

Kelly Brook in all her natural glory

Kelly Brook tells the new issue of Nuts magazine that she’d never get a boob job. Gosh, what a bold statement from a chick who already has huge tits.

“I think it’s really nice to be celebrated for who I am. It’s not really about me being curvy, it’s more about me being someone who understands what works for hem and embraces that – and has managed to make a business out of that. I don’t like the fake look, I’d never have anything like a boob job.”

Well no shit. Of course Kelly would never get a boob job — without those natural melons she’s just another pretty face (with awesome legs) in the crowd. To be honest, I just don’t know what makes her famous once you get past those knockers of hers . . . but why would you want to? They really are something to behold. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? A smoking-hot chick with excellent yabbos and no discernible talent becomes insanely famous . . . yep, Kelly Brook is the English Katy Perry.

[Bauer Griffin]

July 25, 2013 - 5:00 pm