Tara Reid + Free Alcohol = Trouble

Tara Reid at the premiere of Sharknado in L.A. (8/3)

What kind of maniac would give Tara Reid access to an airport lounge full of free alcohol? From the New York Daily News:

Tara Reid needed a helping hand from a staff member in the Delta lounge at JFK Monday to make her flight. The Sharknado star was on a layover returning to Los Angeles from vacation in Ibiza when she appeared to be too tipsy.

“She had been drinking,” according to our source. “They called her several times, but she didn’t respond, so when they saw her sitting there they had to help her to her flight.” A rep for Reid didn’t get back to us.

Leave Tara alone! LOL, I’m kidding. The only thing I enjoy more than shitting on Tara Reid is shitting on a drunk Tara Reid (which can be a full-time job at this point). Trust me when I tell you that Tara enjoys the reports of her drunken antics — the fact that she was escorted onto her flight is proof that she’s still a celebrity . . . unlike yours truly. The last time I got sloppy drunk at an airport, I was escorted out of Newark/Liberty International and into the Newark Correctional Facility for a brief stay. No need for details, but I will admit that the lice shower was much more beneficial than I thought it’d be. No more itching, baby!


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August 29, 2013 - 2:15 pm