Ho hum, just your average wife-swapping story featuring Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood dropping Erica Tomlinson-Fisher at LAX airport (8/31)

After 17 years together, it was announced last week that Clint Eastwood and his wife Dina are divorcing. 83-year-old Clint has already moved on with a woman half his age, 42-year old Erica Tomlinson-Fisher, and Dina has conveniently moved on with Erica’s ex-husband Scott. Spouse swap! From Us Weekly:

Clint’s flame Erica, 42, was wed until 2012 to Dina’s friend of 33 years, University of Hawaii basketball coach Scott Fisher! “After Scott and Erica divorced, Erica was sure Scott was romancing Dina,” says a source. “Erica called Clint’s office last February to discuss her suspicions — then he fell for her!”

Though Dina, 48 — who lives on Clint’s Carmel, California, estate while he resides in L.A. — wasn’t seeing Fisher, 50, at the time, the two have been casually dating since their exes got together, reveals a source. When called for comment, Dina told Us, “I am saddened to see photos of Clint with Ms. Tomlinson-Fisher. I look forward to new beginnings.”

So Dirty Harry traded in the cheating wife, what’s the big deal? We aren’t talking about an average, overrated, one-trick pony director like Quentin Tarantino or Spike Lee — this is Clint “A-list actors would take my five fingers in their shitter for a role in one of my Oscar-winning films” Eastwood. He’s as close to being untouchable as anybody who’s ever cashed a Hollywood check since the great Sammy Davis, Jr. Clint has enough muscle to pull a Mel Gibson — verbally abusing the wife, shitting on Jews, calling cops sugar tits — and get away with it. Dina should have played it smart and invited her friends to have sexy freakfests for Clint instead of accepting the goo from a mediocre basketball coach like Scott Fisher. For Christ’s sake, he coaches in the Big West — that’s barely Division 1. Dina could have at least had the dignity and grace to go down on Mike Krzyzewski or Rick Pitino.