Is Benicio Del Toro tapping that ass?

Cameron Diaz on the set of Sex Tape in Medford/Somerville (9/30)

Is Benicio Del Toro banging Cameron Diaz? Sure, why not. From the Daily Mail:

They’ve both had their fair share of celebrity romances. So it was only a matter of time until Cameron Diaz and Benicio Del Toro went from friends to something more While the exact status of the pair’s relationship is unknown, Cameron did her utmost to keep her head down as she and Benicio enjoyed an evening out together in New York.

The 41-year-old actress wore a sheer white shirt and skinny jeans with black heeled boots for the date night, which saw the pair attend the grand opening of TAO Downtown restaurant. Meanwhile, Benicio, 46, also attempted to go unnoticed as he strolled along slightly behind Cameron and her minder, keeping his head down in a bid to avoid photographers.

Is BDT banging Cameron Diaz? Of course he is, he’s Benicio Del Toro, A-lister. Cameron Diaz is just an aging hippy who hasn’t accepted her new position in shitty RomComs as the sassy best friend or the horny aunty. Now clearly Mr. Del Toro has nothing to gain by admitting that he injects acting talent into Cameron for shits and giggles, but we can all agree that it’s great for Cameron’s resume . . . especially after the [INSERT NAME OF EVERY GUY CAMERON HAS EVER DATED] disaster. If I represented Cameron, I’d forego the “leaked” press release confirming the relationship and go directly to printing t-shirts and a hefty Google Ads campaign announcing the dicking.


October 4, 2013 - 1:45 pm